Welcome to the Legion Randomizer!

Which faction(s) should be considered for selection? Atleast one faction selection is required.


The Legion Randomizer is a tool made by ASpaceViking to augment the game Star Wars Legion by Atomic Mass Games.

- The goal of the randomizer is to help players have fun by mixing up the army lists and battle decks that they play.

- After selecting which faction(s) you would want to play, the randomizer will generate a list of 300-350pts of units that you must build a list around.

- The randomizer will also include 3 objectives, conditions, and deployments that you must take (you pick the fourth), and somtimes it will include additional list building or upgrade stipulations based on the units you rolled.

- Players then must use their creativity to finish building out an 800pt list that includes the selected units.

Hopefully, the mix of random elements and player creativity leads to exciting and wacky games. The randomizer should give everyone an excuse to try out something new in an unexpected way!


6-12-24: Updated to include Range Troopers, Clone Commandos, and Delta Squad.

4-18-24: Changed the number of battle cards rolled for you from 4 down to 3. This is to give you a bit more flexibility versus being trolled by a bad battle deck roll.

3-11-24: Updated to fix an error that prevented Bossk from showing up in CIS and SC, Cad Bane appearring in SC, and Swoop Bikes appearing in SC. Thanks user @Avacado for pointing this out

2-19-24: Updated to include geonosian warriors, Poggle and Sun Fac.

8-7-23: Updated to include Wickett, Ewok Slingers, and Ewok Skirmishers in normal rebels. The randomizer only supports 'normal' list building and will not generate battleforce lists at this time. Small UI clean up.

5-26-23: Updated to include Ahsoka Tano

4-19-23: Updated to include Clone Commander Cody. Squashed a bug that could cause Asajj to appear twice in a list

4-12-23: Updated to include Asajj Ventress

3-6-23: Updated to include Moff Gideon and Dark Troopers

12-15-22: Updated points to reflect December 2022 points changes

5-27-22: Added Shadow Collective. Includes all units currently on legionHQ

11-30-21: Added Yoda, Commander Chewbacca, Wookiee Chieftain, New Wookiees (both factions), Infantry Support Platform, Dwarf Spider Droid, Snail Tank, and MagnaGuard. Squashed a bug allowing duplicate Super Tactical Droids.

11-24-21: Added Super Tac Droids and Fluttercraft to celebrate US release. Updated points to reflect 11-8-21 points adjustments. Work on randomizer 2.0 is beginning. Squashed a bug where the wrong faction version of R2D2 and the LAAT would populate in Legion HQ Lists

8-26-21: Community bug squashing - fixed a bug where you could roll Commander Vader and Opeartive Vader in the same list

8-25-21: Added sorting by rank to improve legibility

8-23-21: Added beta legionHQ export feature

8-20-21: Community Suggestion - Removed T-series Tactical droid since he is easy to include and leads to less fun random lists

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